new job, driver!

by - 9:55 AM

hye again, again & again

my job today was being my sis's driver.
driver?! yes, a driver.
lucky that i love driving.
wlupon dh ngontok gler nk mati
& mata pon dh nk tertutop msa drive,
but i dont even care.hahah

pagi2 dh rushed to putrajaya to fetch her & her friends.
location? kementrian kesihatan.,
2mrrow, ada interview for their job.
working in hosp. good luck girls! :)
** oh oh, my family will be doing a kenduri kesyukuran on this saturday.
anak sulung dh abes blajar & will never go back to rusia again. :(

okeh, after ptrajaya, i drove them to kl,
to the embassy of japan.
yup2, my sis will b travelling to japan laa plak lepas neh.
abah xdpt ikot coz ada kerja kt sabah
oh, & did u know that if we wanna go to japan, we gotta have rm6000 in our bank account?!
yeah.itu betul.
& they will definetly check our account book to see if its true. ;p

then i drove all the way to puchong, & thats when i realize that i was going the wrong way.
i was suppose to go to seri kembangan & we got lost there.
wlupon dh biase lalu jalan sna tp bley plak tersesat
we were act looking for jusco taman equine. (*did i spelt that right?)
heading to along's friend's lil sis's house, (*ahahahha) to give her 2 boxes of... errrr? dunno lah.
then head back to putrajaya & straight to banting.

2mrrow, it will be my 2nd day of being my sis's driver. heheheh
okeh, i will be going to shah alam 1st.
wanna finish packing my stuff coz myb my pengganti will be moving in 2mrrow.
yeay! :)
she sounds nice (*through the phone lah).
i'll be moving in my new house this sunday
coz everyone sudah balik kg dohh.
xdpt nk move in cpt2! *ngeee.
almari kain aku pon sudah di roboh kan & xsbr nk campak kan dlm TONG SAMPAH. hahaha

okeh2, then i might b going to setia alam plak.
& then bru ambik along kt kl sentral.
& will be going to the japan embassy AGAIN.

*xdpt nk tgk ice age 3 with mama & fifi esok. :(

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