pink pink pink pink

by - 11:14 AM

* skali lg, pedulik kan background yg kureng tuh

went to damansara 2day, coz ingt kan ada lah sale!
looking forward for zara act. hehehe
but xde laa angt
mmg ada sale tuh, but bnyk billabong stuff.
it's in cineleisure yerrr semua. :)
so, lepas tuh masuk the curve. jln2 ckit jerr
& headed to one utama.
xkecewa angt coz sale tuh xde
coz jln2 with the girls mmg besh. :D

i got myself a stricking pink legging today!
thinking of wearing it 2mrrow. ;p
wlupon nk blik ampang jerr,
but excited nyer psal.

k, t8 care. bye!

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