by - 7:30 AM

excited terlebih. my wondershoe dh smpai, thanked GOD!!
okeh, disini i just wanna say to those who have a mind like mine,
slaloo pk yg myspace sellers neh kkdg xley dipercayai,
well, u'r wrong.
hmm, not all laa.
*me & my fren red are selling our stuff in myspace tooo.kami bley dipercayai.hahah
so, here i am
promoting & suggesting to u..
chenta puteh.
nseb baik laa it fits
coz kter dh laa beli online
& x test dlu.
tawakal je lah.

okeh, my xtvt for 2day.
well, amat lah borink gler kt umah
zurin, of coz blik kl
red blik johor
mai, slept at ika's last nite & still not home yet till now.
me, mas & sarah dh jd cm org gler kt umah, xtaw nk wat per
so, ptg td we went to SACC mall 2gether
then, dinner at kfc & bougth indulgence frm s.recipe.

till then, adios!

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