bazaar! here i come

by - 1:32 AM

i have changed my layout, b'cos i have always wanted a 3 coloum layout.wee!~
thought of editing it a lil bit, but kinda lazy.asar pon dh masuk, & cant wait to go to bazaar ramadhan with the girls.hope jd pegi laa. :)

i've been browsing through people's blog & have fun reading 'em. arts, fashion, photography attracts me the most. some dresses uniquely, like they r in their own world. cool ha?!
* oh, b4 u say anything bout me, let me stress here that eventhough i love reading things related to fashion, doesnt mean that i'm super duper fashionable in life. sekian
** cos i tend to think that people will say to me, 'ekeleh, suka fashion, tp xstyle pon.' i just think those people are cruel n mean!

oh, blog penuh hasad dengki, puji memuji diri sendiri & posting things that arent true is a noo noo noooo for me !

second life case,,
i'm not really broke yet, but i just dont wanna spend too much during this ramadhan month.its the time for me to diet & save some money for the semester break. cheeh, dh pikiran jauh plak.hahah
cos mama wont buy me stuff that cost hundreds for a shirt. if i'm a mom, i wont buy my daughter a top that cost hundreds too.heheh

so, here i am.skipping on9 shopping, bag, wedges and bla bla blaaa... *hoping that my customers will make their payment fast.heheh

p/s ; watched aliens in the attic, along with nad & norly.

so, adios !

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