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yesterday was a very wonderful & perfect day for me! teehee (;
abun came all the way from cheras toooo banting.

yes, to b.a.n.t.i.n.g!
i planned to have picnic with him,
kt pantai bagan lalang
harap ddk ctu jerr lebey but yesterday was the
1st time i've been there since i've moved to banting
heee bnyk laa plak org kt cna,
dh laa i siap bekal kan makanan & nasi cmua
tikar pon bwk taw!
but my fantasy dream didnt come true.

in my dream, i was wearing a dress, straw hat & abun had to carry all the foods & stuff
hahah, jahat kan kan

smlm lain plak, pkai tshirt & my grey jeans., amat lah x cool.
nseb baik abun xmuntah tgk aku' T_T
& yang pling dhsyat, cmaera pon xbwk. pe daaa!
but we did stop again at PD, & took a rest. skjp jerr.coz panas sngt
& i arrved home in s.alam, bout 12am.yay!!

last nite, my new rumate dh moved in, but cian dye xde katil. :(
oh hani, welcome to the house!~
i'm starting to like it here.
no one to bother me, smua org wat hal masing2, just the way i like it. aha aha
xde sape nk nyibuk ko nk g mner & stuff.or ko kluar ngn sape or pkai bju ape.
xde sape akan pndang pelik kt ko. xde sape akan ckp blakang psal ko
or buat cter buruk psal ko, menjaga tepi kain ko ttg hal2 aurat or smbhyang.
& yg penting xde sape disini yg berniat tuk melaga2 kan i ngn org lain.
i think kta semua neh dh besar tuk taw yg mner buruk, yg mner baik.
yg baik tuh, of coz laa dh diajar by our parents.
yg buruk tuh, comes from us.
in my life, i always think bout ALLAH s.w.t and my parents, but somtimes,manusia akan lupa diri.
& i'm 1 of those people. & i bet u do too. :)
if u wanna give advice, just jmpa jerr & take to me personally.
i dont bite!
JUST! xperlu laa ckp kt org lain ttg keburukan kta or kwn2 kta. i think u know what i mean. :)
theres 13 of us, but it feels like theres only 3 of us in the house. hahahah
sunyi sngt.
skg pon sunyi, xdgr pon suara sape2. bunyik tv pon xde.
just the sound of my room's fan & me, typing. heheh

oh, just read hanis zalikha's belog.hahah
comel gler laah plak entry terbaru dye. klakar & aku lak yg terlebey excited! whahaha.
happy for her.

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