fast fast fast-ting

by - 1:31 AM

salam sejahtera to all of u.

this morn, i forgot to set up my alarm to wake up for sahur. lucky that my housemate cooked, & i heard their 'kaching kaching' sound of kuali.heheh. bunyik dorg memasak lah tuh ;p
i drank 100+ & had a stomach ache this morn. ouchhh. told it to din & faris, & of coz mmg kna gelak.

i usually will have oat for sahur. nothing much, but i did think of cooking rice and stuff.

yesterday, sarah, zurin & i went to the bazaar ramadhan, infront of unisel. i didnt buy much & ended up buka puasa at their house. heheh. meriah gler okeh! dorg rajin & pandai masak.
rindu 1 umah dengan mereka mereka ini!

today, i bkk puasa with ifa. will fetch her at kristal at 6,myb. :)

so, happy fasting people.

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