happy fasting

by - 8:37 AM

assalammualaikum semua & salam sejahtera!

i perform my solat terawih at masjid lembah jaya, ampang with my mum & fifi just now. 8 rakaat & 1 witir with tazkirah in between. oh oh, nenek's cooking was simply delicious today! ;p
my first day of fasting was gr8.didnt felt hungry at all. alhamdulillah!
on my way back to ampang, i smelled the sweet yummy nyum nyum cinnamon bun.hahah.kt tol masa tuh, of coz tngkap kena bkak to pay.masa tuh laa bau tuh tetiba dtg,,

okeh, happy fasting for tomorrow.cant wait to follow mama to look for fifi's baju raya! hehe & mine too kot.

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