holga holga holga

by - 11:00 PM

selamat tengahari semua!
guess wat?!! i xde class today,lngsung xde. yeayyy

but pagi td pegi class gak, then lec xmsok, kotg pegi jusco to watch UP.

gr8 story, but penuh ngn kanak2 ri
ang laa plak dlm panggung td. eeeiii..
memekak jarit2 kt blakang aku, ahh.
oh, & russell is so damn cute ngn muka chubby nyerr. pegi jusco kol 9 lebey, & when i arrived there it wasnt even open yet. gila excited ckit masa tuh.only god knows.hahah
klu pegi class xde laa awal cmneh, ;p

oh oh nk complain sumthink,, td masa makan kt foodcourt bnyk bnde yg TAK disediakan, fork & spoon myb? cmne laah nk makan. hmmm,, & nk order steak, but steak dh abes. aik, bru jerr bkak pagi2, then dh abes. bnyk jgak lahhh menu yg xde. :(

yesterday, abun & i went to kl, again. yes, again.heheh
had a gr8 time! & & bought....

abun's new wife. grrrr.
its not the one in the pic but the real one i tngkp guna my dig.camera & xdpt nk upload kan. arghhh'
abun nyaa is act holga, in green. :)

pic di bawah hanya laahhh broucher yg i dpt for FREE.hahahh.

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