i nk order chicken porridge?!

by - 1:37 AM

*iklan gigi

pics of wan nazifa & amirah azhari. our class finished on 10.30 today & both of us, as usual started to get hungry.
so, we both quickly headed to deli's for lunch.

deli's would be our favs spot for lunch coz cafe kt menara was always crowded, & i really don't like queuing while I'm starving to death. checheche. heheh

*oh, kkdg makan kt wak dol.pon besh.
lagi2 cafe tuh mmg payah bonar lah nk crik tmpat duduk.ishk.
& some people dont throw their stuff, like plates away after eating.
gosh, grow up lah weyyy

makan2, & borak2 bout personal matters.hihih.

ifa stayed at my house today, & we went to tax class together.

oh oh, norly n nad xdtg class td. nad xblik lg dr kampung & norly came to class, this morn.dye plak demam.
alaaa, get well soon taw. rasa serba salah lahh plak,coz i'm the one who started to get sick 1st, then nad then norly. cm i'm the 1 who's been bringing the symptoms of h1n1 to them. huhu,,

muka comel nad & norly. & ....,me! :)

**i nearly hit a car coz i
entered the wrong lane. aduihh.
i called it, 'jalan korea'.hahah.
coz korea is the 1 who showed me
that short cut to get back home! ;p

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