lomo tomo

by - 2:36 AM

abun, nk bleyyyy?!

okeh, i found this selling in KL.& i want it! *not badly.but still wanting it.
but but, i browse it through its website, & mak aii, harga dye lain r from the shop yg jual kt kl tuh.
but if i'm not mistaken, kedai tuh mmg jual neh, the act camera.
thinking of going back to the shop, to ask again.
hope org kedai tuh xsalah ckp r. amin amin amin
comes with an affordable price that i can pay, wlupon agk mencekik.hahah.

but worth buying. plzz plzz. hope to get it next month. or or next next month. or
errr..., tomorrow?

even tough i'm not that into photography but... 'nk jgk!' amin.

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