my tipical day.

by - 2:08 AM

me : at home, reading paper, wearing my green cardigan & pink pants, in front of the tv.

mas,zurin n sarah bru je blik.they came to my house again.yeayy. nad, norly, ifa, mai, ros, shaham, luqman, pidot & of coz my abun are those who have come to visit me at my new house. okeh,its not new dh laa.i been living here bout hmm,...20days? heheh :)

lepak2 makan2 minum2 mandi2 titoo2,heheh.

titoo? except for the boys laaa! hah.!

today, as usual audit class. oh god, u just dont know how i am in the class. audit is like the boring-est class ever. same as management & marketing class. i think i'm not rili good in rmmbering things, u know. & common test is this monday.
yes, monday! eventhough i find the subject kinda boring but the fact is, i kinda like our lec. haha,funny aite. she keeps making me smile whenever she laughs or giggle. heheh, erti kata lain, comel je muka dia. oh oh, same goes to our account lec. *thnks L for teaching me acc today!

its just funny when in class, while our audit lec is lecturing in front, i'll b making my bluryy face,like theres nothing in my head except for lunch.ahhahaha. but it doesnt mean that i dont listen or what-so-ever, i just cant rili focus enough. & when she starts asking us,

'okeh,whats the example for bla bla blaa....?'
& when the whole doent wanna answer, she will start calling our names & thats when my eyes went wide open, & start to look around & asking,...

'apa soklan dia weh?!!' hah.

i bet someone in class does the same thing as i am. puan hayati, i'll make sure i will do the best in for this coming audit test! amin. >.<

oh, im kinda pistt off with uitm's pak guard! goshh, cm nk langgar je dorg bila dtg fac crik parking. hmmm,,
yes2, i know u'r doing ur job.but y wont all the staff just park their cars kt parking bertingkat, tunas mekar tuh & let us, students park at seroja & at the char kuey teow punya gerai! hmm hmm.

i dont like to park at the padang kawad.its too far. yes, i know uitm has provides us free buses to the faculti but..but..but... okeh, no buts! i just dont like to park my car there. myb saya sorg yg xsabar nk blik kot bila abes class. just nk straight to my car & go home. the end. pusat islam is my new parking lot. even theres no parking space for me, i will still park there, *wlupon blakang tepi depan someone elses car.heheheh. & walk to class. wlupon jauh gler nk mati, smpai ketiak berpeluh2 & smpai fac dahaga gila, but walking is good for ur health.kan kan?! hakhakahktuihhh.

dh2, malas.i nk baca paper plak, paper yg i curik kt class td.hahaha

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