new home to live :)

by - 4:37 AM

rite now i'm here
sick! asyk nk bersin jer dr td
dunno y.
myb berjangkit from people yg dtg tgk apt smlm kot
myb? :'(
i have 2 presentation 2mrrow,
i cant b sick!!!!
oh, quiz far pon esok
alhamdulillah laaa quiz maf xjd td & audit esok pon xde.
yeayyy! :D

oh, i've moved into my new house already.
gr8 news rite? rite? rite???
deposit agk mahal
kerugian dlm a hundred laa gak
housemate pon baik2. tegur2 smua
& ada sorg tuh mcm penah nmpk,
bdak brassband kot agk nya
but aku wat bodo jerr.hahah *jahat kan kan
biar lah. ;p
i'm suppose to share the room with 2 others, uitm student gk
but skg neh ada s'org je yg bru masok bilik tuh.
tuh pon dye x titoo stu.
slept at her friend's last nite.
so, the room is fully mine. hihi
i was rili looking for a room to let
coz i dont rili like sharing room with people that i dont rili know
but the cost of a single room is too high laa.
but its okeh. lini tuh is act a friend of a friend of mine. *betul ke ayat? ishk.

*i'm starting a new life now. hope tak de bnde yg perlu diungkit kembali. i apologize for all my mistakes & peace yaw.i love all my friends! :)

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