new stickerrr to show offf.hahahahah

by - 7:54 AM

went to kl today,having a perfect date with abun! (;
a lil shopping & tons of crazy movement.
oh, i mean me, amirah azhari being kinda GILA today.
dh brape bnyk perkataan 'gila' kwar from his mouth! hahah (;

oh, bout the pic above. i bought this cute lil felt sticker at popular bookstore today!
gler cute & theres tons of 'em to choose from!!!
so, i sticked 'em on the back of my mp4. kuikuikui.
kan sesuai tuh.

hahhaah ;p

but b4 that, i had lunch today with the girls. ifa,dian & aten.
plan to eat at tasik shah alam, but ended up at kedai kopi shj.
coz kedai makan tuh tutup laaa plak. aku dh parking baik punyee,,,
i had shah alam kuey teow, yang bila nk dekat abes makan akan terasa muak nyerrr
but i dunno y, i keep on liking it. hahahah
*sir chef yang masak shah alam kuey teow, buley x bwat kan kuey teow tuh pedas2? for me,plzzz.
then headed alone to PAS, to buy sumthink. heheh.
that sumthink is cheaper than those in banting.
pe daaa banting neh. ishk ishk ;(

k, toodles!

*cant wait to see azi tmrrow! & friendship ends tonite. :)

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