ohh bulan,

by - 9:40 AM

mood : rasa cm nk campak celcom broadband tapi harus bersyukur.atleast ada gak internet. alhamdulillah. me, while studying & drinking 100+.

i have a very very big assignment that i have to finish coz tomorrow i might have to present it. *sigh.
i'm not in a very good mood rite now, coz of the internet prob, but bila dh bley on9, i trus g bkak kira plastinina's wesbite. hah?! which, i'm suppose right now, to be searching some information for my presentation.

* kekadang rasa sakit hati yang amat, bila kita berada di sebuah tempat yang dinamakan SHAH ALAM, tapi line celcom cm dekat dalam hutan nusantara, where u cannot connect to the internet. * sigh * sigh * sigh ( *mungkin dugaan dibulan puasa kot )

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