sayang, i sayang u laa

by - 6:54 AM

*muka kanak kanak riang gembira bila dpt jumpa org tersayang.hihih

today was a blast! i mean, besh gler. msti laa besh kan kan, dpt jmpa mr.abun i neh.
our date was at the gardens, sblah mid valley di bangsar, in malaysia..
i really like spending time with him there coz the gardens x crowded like mid valley. & parking pon murah & senang nk dapat. xmcm mid valley yg kena pusing bnyk2 kali bru dpt parking. *sigh.

we werent there to shop, just walking around, talking bout whats been happening &
ohh, watched ghost of girlfriends past.

yeahh yeahh, shut up.i know thats not the latest movie.hahah
but i still force him to watch it. ;p
we had lunch at belanga, bwh the gardens tuh.
we were kinda hungry & wanted REAL food.
so, belanga je lah, the choice.
ordered avocado juice, but it wasnt as tasty as the avocado juice in indon.
wow, mmg sedap gler r! klu wat sndiri kt umah, lg sedap! yumm yumm

then mama called & said nk dtg umah ptg td, so i rushed back to s.alam.
nseb baik laa s.alam & kl dlm 30min pon dh ley smpai. rasa2 nye dlm 15min dh ley smpi, if xde traffic jam lahhh.
pujian bout the house came from mama.hahah. thanked god she liked the house!
then kwar blik, heading to melati. went to ros's room to give her keys back & ros gave me her mom's special lauk that she brought all the wayy from seremban for me. yeayyy'
thanks dear.

k, toodles. kerja berlambak2. & azi ajk tgk ella's konset tonite. ella??! hmm,. :(

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