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happy to be home, happy to have a new bag, happy to be full, happy drinking 100+, happy to share stories with roommate, happy to go to class tomorrow AND happy to be happy. :)

i'm thinking of signing up for tumblr. it sounds interesting & i've view some people's tumblr, & i want one. as soon as i get my camera usb back. amin amin amin.

went to jusco bukit tinggi today, coz i cant wait no more to get my dream bag from MNG.haha. the last time i saw it, it was on top of the shelf beside the 'new arrival' sign, waiting for me to get it. & just now, it was rarely recognize by me coz it was just like the other bags on the bags shelf. oh well, biar lahh. it is like any other bags selling on9, that u can get for half the price but for me, i'd prefer to buy things that i can touch, smell ( haha), pay & blah cepat cepat !

oh oh, i found a handbag that i found on9 before. x sangka plak ley jmpa kt kedai. hihihi. thinking of buying but on second thought, naaa'
same goes to a boho style sandle that i was eager to buy just now. i even made the salesboy pissed off. haha. it was the last pair of sandle & i dont rili like buying the last pair things, where people have tried it, walking around the shop wearing it. arghh, kembang laa sandle tuh & u expect me to buy it? sorry ! i want the new 1, & i have no problem of waiting. i might be back end of this week. insyaAllah. :)

ok, have a nice evening ! & have fun tonight.

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