dada, i lap u

by - 10:59 PM


mood : eating & watching tv & gaining more weight, grrrr...

abah masak bubur pulut itam today, just like i asked last night. *tetiba teringin.
thats what i love bout my dad. pape je yang kita suruh dia masak, dia msti buat. ;)
my dad's a great cooker! serious.
he wanted to be a chef but my grandma xbagi. coz bila kita jd chef, we have to cook with rums alkhohol & things. hmm, my grandma tuh seorg ustazah, tuh yang fikir mcm2 ckit. so, my dad jd lecturer je lah. but skg dh x dh, heheh. tukar kerja. dh lama dh x lecture.k.toodles!

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