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dear chuck bass,

this is the 2nd time i'm writing bout u. huhu. i have known u for almost 2 years now. we share the same attitude, love to hangout every night with friends & make more and more friends each time. but i feel like i've known u for the past 10years ago, coz i know all ur good & bad attitudes.

the last time we hung out together was early this month. you told me how happy u were to have another girl in ur life. good for u. but hey? u broke up with my blair & found a new one instantly. gersang? i know u cant have 1 min of ur life without girls. HAHA

u told me how u couldn't stand with Blair's attitude. hey, no one is perfect? & so do u boy! u even told me that u were having an affair with Y, when u were still in a relationship with Blair. u were laughing cause u were proud by playing with Blair's feelings. Blair loves u soo much & u don't deserve that. i know u have too many scandals out there. y cant u just appreciate what Blair has done all this time for u?

oh, u told me that u want me to get Blair back by 'boycott'-ing her, telling everyone
the real her. the real her? c'mon man, what kind of friend would do such a thing? now, u'r having problem with ur new girl & starting to find Blair back. good thing that Blair is super smart now, trying to avoid u. huhu. msg-ing her that u miss her soo much? hey, u did that to me too, rite? and to other girls! i read ALL ur msg(s). u showed it all to me, rmmber?
all the sayang sayang msg? rindu u lahhh..baby... just name it.HAHA

myb ur new girl has another boy that is super duper better than u. but y worry? coz u, urself know that u can find another girl with a blink of an eye, kan kan?
its sad to see my girlfriend being treated like this. i hope that Blair finds a new boy, better that u. more caring & can accept her the way she is. & most important, loyal to the only one!

whenever we meet, u will always complain bout Blair & how badly u want to let her go. but now, when she's not ur's, u'r the one who came back & begging to meet her & tell her that u really2 'miss' her. pathetic.

i know u really really really well mr chuck bass

all ur actings & stuff. fuhh' congrats, good actor!

between girl friends & boy friends, i love my girl friend most. sorry to say guys. ;)
& i'll help as much as i can & be a good listener.

love, xoxo

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