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i just got back from breaking fast with nad & norly. well, not me fasting, but them. HAHA

i ate meee hunnn suppp, at ummi's & they had tomyam with rice. nyummm nyumm

when i got back home, there was this nasty smell of rubbish. i thot that the rubbish man had came & took the rubbish away, but hey, its 8.00pm? mner de org dtg amek smpah mgrib2 neh, usually early in the morn when i'm off to class & & my clothes will stink. hehe

so,when i opened the gate to park my car inside, shifa' opened the door.
i was thinking, how nice of her to open the door for me. awww, sweet housemate! hahaha
but when i entered, it was act the smell if my our house's rubbish ban, in the kitchen. eiiiuuuuuuwwwwwww!!!!

luckly, i have housemates that have the same nose i have, that cant stand the smell of stinky rubbish!! *dh laa my room kt bawah sblh dapur, of coz it will smell. grrrr'

so, they quickly cleaned it up, mop the floor & the rubbish bin & i helped by giving them some soap. heheh. itu tolong lahh jgak kan kan?

before moving in this house, i have think that living downstairs will make me be responsible of cleaning the kitchen & the living room. hehe *bukan malas, but klu hari2 buat sepah, & i'm the 1 that has to clean it, payah laaa jgak kan?
but naseb baik laa all my housemate semua nye rajin belaka.
whenever they study downstairs, they will clean everything after they finish studying. not a single book will be left on the table. plus the dining table will also be free from any leftover foods.

oh, & everyone wajib basuh pinggan masing2 & cuci sinky lepas guna.
so, mmg xkan jumpa langsung pape sisa makanan dlm sinki. bagus kan?

there are 12 of us in this house, i think & we dont even have a cleaning schedule. cool rite? but the house is still clean. & ptg td ada org dtg potong rumput. hahaha. dh nmpk cerah ckit. ;)
i bru pk nk rayu masuk kolej balik, but pk2,...hmmm, just stay here for the next 2 years laaa. hahah
ok, enough bout the house!

ptg td, when i was driving my way home, a classmate of mine, aliff had an accident. kmp students must know him rite? ala, aliff hashim JPP tuh.
i dont really know what had happened but tetiba ada traffic jam infront of baiduri apart when its not even 6pm yet. pelik gak?

then i saw all my classmate kt tepi jalan & aliff's moto was on the road & he was sitting there, *ngn mata terbelik, myb coz bru accident & trauma kot.
hmm, cian dia.

i couldnt stop to helf coz by stopping my car, it will make the traffic jam more worst so, i just passed through & messaged norly bout it. hope he's ok,amin.

hmm, k toodles now!
* berhati2 di jalan raya. ;)

** can u help me find a broadband that has good coverage in s.alam?

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