eat till u die !

by - 10:11 AM

hye !

the choice :

1) breaking fast at seoul garden with the girls

2) breaking fast with ifa
3) breaking fast, reunion with ttj pedeq people
, mid valley
4) breaking fast in melaka with abun

5) breaking fast in melaka with besties (*pija nk bwk g makan ikan bakar, okeyy !)

6) breaking fast with sarah & zurin (*their treat !) YEAYY!

7) hang out with mai, GOSSIP-ing

its a very huge decision to make when it comes to this. i had to choose 1. last2, i picked to break fast with sarah & zurin coz i dh bnyk kali tangguh2 makan with 'em. lagipon, dorg belanja. HAHA. glerr sukee !
& ajak mai hangout jap for some gossips.

BUT, tinggal kenangan je laaah. coz when i got home from brassband, i pergi titoo smpai mati till 6.35pm. duhh' shit!
texted sarah, mntk ampun bnyk2 coz sekali lagi xjadi makan ngn dorg. & i felt really2 bad. called her & naseb baik dia okeh. huhu.

so, i rushed to mcD for me to break my fast but when i got there, it was too crowded with people. nk parking pon susah. so, i went home to pack & went back to ampang. stop again at mcD, bought my fav spicy chic mcDelux & ate in the car. ishk ishk'

sampai2 je kt ampang, i ajak my sis to go watch final desination. finally, dpt pon tgk. penat ajak semua org but semua nya dh pegi tgk.
oh, the ending really sucks man! gosh !! & agak mengecewakan lahh gak. hmm, still, orphan tetap di hatiku ;p

oh, i've just paid for my michael jackson military jacket that i found on9. yeayy! cant wait to get 'em fast ! *i am crazyyyy bout jackets!

k, toodles !

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