happy birthday mamamia !

by - 7:57 AM

texted my mum this morn ;

me : happy birthday mama ! lov u soooo much. hehheheeheh
mama : amboi2, bru bangun ke
me : noo lah, me dalam class laa skg ;p


i called her just now to wish her birthday. she's a wonderful mom to me ! cant imagine my life without her. lov u so much !oh, abah bought her 2 slices of chocolate indulgence. hmm, baru terpikir nak beli tuh coz i bought a slice of cake last week & just bought back the box.hahah. coz i ate it on my wayy back home !

nway, i think i wont be going back to banting this week coz my parents are going to send along to temerloh. she was sent to work at hosp temerloh, & myb next next next or ntah laa, i'll be going there too, to send abah's car to her.
* along was glad to get hosp temerloh, coz she doesnt want to work in kl, putrajaya or in ampang. but abah gila2 berusaha nk masukkan dia kt hosp putrajaya gak. haha'

oh, here's a comment from an old friend ! goshh, i mish her. havent seen her in YEARS !
thanks dear for the wish.heheh. xsangka u ingt my mum's birthday. lov ya !

i buka puasa with nad & norly today, kt kedai makan mana ntah kt seksyen 7. crowded with people ! grrr. the last time i went there was with fik. sesi meluahkan perasan & caunseling. hahahaha'.

oh, i'm following other people's blog (* i think i've mentioned it before ) & everytime i wanna on9, i just cant wait to see their new updates. hihi. obsessed ! td masa i tgh nk bukak this girl's blog, tetiba line terputus plak. damn, mau i xhangin. errr'

tetiba teringat blog en.hardy (*my ETR lec), that he posted bout all kinds of broadband & their services. hmm, celcom mmg lambat pon. i admitted it.
(* in class BEL today, the girls & i were rili focusing on reading his blog.hahah gila xley blah ! )

k. nite, toodles !

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