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merindui mereka'

salam everyone !

do u ever have a friend who loves to talk bad bout u to other of your friends? i pernah terkena & i amat berhati2 when it comes to choosing friends. :)

but what really hurts the most is that the 'friend' who listens what your friend is talking bad bout u then they automatically will leave u just like that without knowing the whole truth. i called them LOSER !

i'm kinda having it right now, '
hate it' is the exact thing to say.
lets named her/him blair. haha. i think blair is a very very great friend. she's always there for me, when i needed help ! trust me. u dont have to worry bout anything.
studied, food, shopping....i think that me & her can get along together.
okeh, enough, bnyk lak memuji. HAHA !

but but, there's this 1 person, lets named her/him chuck bass. (*hah). baru2 neh jgak lahh, chuck told me everything that i was suppose to know bout blair. that blair was only being friends with me, b'coz of something else. hmm, i was kinda shock to hear such a thing, fooling me around. pretending to be my friend but.. errr, cm ada udang di sebalik batu lahh gitu. HAHA.

i perasaan lah jgak some of blair's bad attitude, & some of 'em can really get on my nerves. that annoying feeling when blair's around. but it doesnt last long, coz i really think she is a very gr8 friend. tak de sape yang perfect kt dunia neh, & so am i. rite? myb she doesnt know that her attitude is hurting other people around her, including my girls. the only angels i have rite now.

but now, chuck advice me to not get close to blair. & as a friend, do u think that i should do such a thing? she is making people hate her because of her attitude, even my angels dislike her.
for me, i dont think so.

eventhough blair's attitude is annoying but she's still a gr8 firend to me. dont u think that what chuck said to me, is just because he's the one who doesnt want me to be friends with blair for his own good. just because chuck doesnt like blair, doesnt mean that i too, cannot be friends with her.

i dah fikir masak masak & semasak masak nya,, &
listen here chuck! as long as blair is being a gr8 friend to me,i will still be her friend forever & ever sampai lah i akan terkena kt batang hidung i sendiri. thats when i will stop being close to her BUT not stop being friends.

i betul2 xske klu orang yang kena hasut supaya jgn berkawan ngn orang lain, akan trus tinggal kan orang tuh. plz la, klu lah orang tuh betul2 x bersalah, u will loose a gr8 friend, than to have a friend yang menghasut u to leave another friend. gosh !

as for my angels, u will always be my angels forever & ever & ever, no matter how many friends i will make for the coming years. :)

i pernah terkena, so beware when choosing a friend. :)

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