by - 12:29 AM

hey !

i feel really really bad right now! i broke my promise to not, i mean NOT go shopping anymore. geezzzz'

i ACCIDENTALLY went to KLCC, ACCIDENTALLY bought the same MNG bag that i bought last week, ACCIDENTALLY bought a very very beautiful ring & ACCIDENTALLY adds up more stuff-to-buy in my waiting list.. ohhh,noo'

but but but, i promise (*hope i wont break this one !) to save some money to buy a military jacket i saw in zara's today. & the pumps & the red MNG bag & another MNG red handbag. (*too much before raya?..)

planning to buy M.A.C gel eyeliner but i ACCIDENTALLY used the money to buy something else. HAHA.

i think i have to cancel my date to go to sunway next week, hmm. oh, i also canceled my michael jackson military jacket.
sayang nyaaa!

okeh, now meet the new 'it' in the family. say HELL O
HH to mr.owl,, (*kinda pricyy but its worth buying. )

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