i know u love me !

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day 1
berbuka puasa d tasik seksyen 7 with the girls! zira, ifa & daia. had a gr8 time but then it starts to rain. ishk. makan daging basah berkuah hujan plus my special fried prawns. nyummmm'
* i acted like a mak cik bringing pingang mangkuk, tikar & air basuh tangan.haha

day 2
tanpa ifa, ktorg buka puasa kt tasik sekyen 2 plak. wonderful scenery with gr8 people! zira, daia & afifah. oh, full of turtles swimming around. haha plus mosquitoes. :'(

day 3
again, at tasik shah alam. berbuka with ifa, zira, nadia & daia. ingt nk berbuka kt tasik seksyen 7, kt umah menteri tuh, but xjadi coz it was tooo dark there. no lights. :(
ohh, class H had their 'berbuka puasa bersama class' there. heheh. *jeles.

day 4
dinner at ros's room. went to see norly & dayah to return back her book i borrowed yesterday. borak2 & went to korea's house to give him his special caramel puding from ros. hihi.

what a special week i had. more pics at ifa. i'll b going back to banting tommrow evening! cant wait,,

*had a very very tiring day today. rushed here & there.
& had a date with cina tokei kedai kereta in my car! hahahahah~

* in the process of ordering another wondershoe!!!

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