kah kah kah! *shut up !

by - 9:48 AM

1) me!
2) luqman & i
3) luqman
4) iqbal & his girl :)

hey !

today's special : seoul garden BBQ & seafood

the people : iqbal, azlynn, luqman & me

break fast today with iqbal & his girls plus luqman. havent seen iqbal for months! his class finished at 6pm, so he fetched luqman 1st then went to my house to fetch me, then his girl. :)

i didnt ate much, but iqbal did.hah'. apa yang i makan, tak setanding ngn apa yang i bayar. geezzzz! i didnt get to eat ice cream coz people there were queuing for it. but i did try the pink pudding, & it was kinda yummy!

but we had fun! gossip-ing around. bocorkan rahsia masa kt mtrik dulu, klakar gler okeh! mmg i asyk gelak jer!

oh oh, i just knew that EHZAN
likes me back then. HAHA' *gila kembang!
cool miera cool

after eating, iqbal plans to go to pavilion to get his pants at zara. but it was already after 9, so we headed back to shah alam. :(

k, till then.toodles!
*wish me luck for my taxation test tmorrow!

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