oh diary,, for today !

by - 8:21 AM

this morn, i woke up at 5am to send Dian & the girls to LCCT. act, i didnt get to sleep well, coz my room was full of mosquitoes, sucking my blood, annoyingly! grrrr'
dpt dwet raya from 'em all weh, THANKS GIRLS & selamat hari raya ! ;p

i got back to shah alam at 8am, & headed straight to class. oh, i did stop back home to change to jeans, coz i was wearing leggings. gila nk pkai leggings gi class?! myb u, but not me. :)
i didnt really focus that much in class, coz it was really boring plus i didnt have the past year question with me. norly plak dah selamat balik kelantan.

after class, i headed to Uni Malaya, to buy my sis's book that she asked for. got lost there, & called aina for help. but she was in class, so it didnt really help at all, HAHA. asked a guy there, but i didnt really know what he was mumbling bout. ishk ishk.

managed to find the bookstore but the seller said that they dont sell it there. told me to go to PPUM instead. so, i went to PPUM & there, the seller said, they dont sell it there tooo.

contacted along, & she told me to go to pustaka kamal, KL. kl gila jam laah weyyy! but in the end, i finally bought 1 of the books. coz the other 1 was sold out !
i went back to shah alam to sleep & woke up at 6.30pm! mama called, asking me to rushed back home.

tomorrow, i'll b going to banting with mama & fifi. shopping raya laa kunon2!

k, hearts MIERA!

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