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i just got back from subang. went there alone to process A's lomo film. i did googled the shop before going out, so it was kinda easy for me to find it. just near THE SUMMIT. thinking of going for a quick window shopping there but on second thought, naaah! HAHA *broke!
will go there again this friday to pick up the pictures. really cant wait!!

i didnt go to class this morn, coz overslept (*kinda). plus lazy to learn anything for today. but i did studied MAF325, done 2questions & went to nina's house to borrow her maf330 book after i got back from subang.

yesterday, went to melaka BANDARAYA BERSEJARAH. eager to meet A & yati & pija. but i had to cancel my date with yati&pija coz gotta get back to shah alam quick to avoid traffic. nway,
traffic jam when i reached Nilai, so i drove through the emergency lane (*hah) & passed through the jam in 10mins. hahahah
*promise wont do it again. emergency lane IS ONLY for EMERGENCY!! do listen to hahah
didt buy much yesterday, just a grey flats for my everyday use from vincci. ;)
& lunch at A&W.

k, have a nica day everyone!
*my car smells chicken. eeeiiii

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