coz tonite's gonna be a GOOD nite :D

by - 2:59 AM

i balik ampang ritu coz my sis from temerloh nk balik banting with me so abes je exam FAR, i trus blik ampang. smpai sana bout 10pm then makan2 coz atuk bought satay for us. hehe

i thought nk bwk along tgk jennifer's body kt bukit raja tapi dah bus dia stopped at jalan pekeliling, so niat tuh xjadi lah. then mama plak tak kasi i bwk my sis tgk wayang coz thought she would be tired * needs lots of rest that night. but,, WRONG ! haha

coz at 12am that night, we went to watched inglorious bastards at pavilion. tnggl pavi jer yang ada mid nite movie that starts at 12am lebih. ours started at 12.30 am. & there wasnt other movie that we could watch except this one, yg ada brad pitt. jennifer's body tak de plak, & my sis kata better i download it from the internet. HAHA

i ingt kan movie neh ttg action lawan2 macam2 but HAHA,, it was damn boring! in the middle of the night, watching this? mmg gila mengantok & nak titoo. this was not my type of movie. i was counting at what chapter will the movie end, sampai tahap tuh skali. but ada juga lah part yang buat i gelak smpai kuar air mata. hihi,,

the movie ended at 3am something lah,, & i just knew that pavilion is just 7 mins from my grandparents house. heee ;))

for the movie, i'm giving 2 stars coz its just not my type of movie. BUT,, it has an ending, i loike :D

i'll update more bout yesterday, mybee with pictures, HEHE. toodlesss :D

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