dah tak duduk 1 rumah pon still nak crik psal ;)

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helloooo! ;)

wow, rindu nyaa with the world of blogging. abun came to shah alam last night, heheh *he went to watch football in cheras with his friends, so after that they stopped by in shah alam to take me for a mid night movie. but unfortunetly, sunway's cinema was already closed by the time we got there. so, we hung out in seksyen 7 to eat. ;)

oh, there was this case happening in baiduri apartment. too lazy to tell ya the whole story but a couple got caught coz they were living together. err,,,,

i'm having my etr presentation tomorrow & i'm not fully ready yet. been buzy with lots & lots of things. i hung out with mas, sarah, ros & korea last 2days kot & mas told me this very interesting story.hehehe..

ada orang tak puas hati ngn dia laa plak. dont know y. but pelik laaa, nape kalau tak puas hati pergi jelah jumpa straight face to face. neh nk tulis dalam blog jerr. nk kata tnggal jauh, tak pulak. 1 faculti pula tuh. mas was really shocked hearing it, coz she have forgotten all bout it. hahah, i can still rmmber mas laugh out loud bila taw ttg neh. but i salute lah kt mas, coz berani kerana benar lahh kot. i have known mas since sem 2 & i know yang dia tuh tak suka cari pasal ngan orang. kalau dia tak puas hati, dia akan cakap jerr. i just hear it from people, i havent read it from my very own eyes. & i'm not her followers so i have no updates on her. so, i pon tak taw laa nak cakap pe.. peace yawww!

ala mas, my advice is buat bodo jerr coz i pon pernah terkena. myb i tak layan orang camtuh, tuh yang dia cari pasal ngn u plak. heheh. so, cheer up yerr dear friend, coz sabar adalah ubat yang terbaik & do belive in karma coz what goes around comes around. no worries!

k, toodles! :DDD

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