dear diary for today ;

by - 7:40 AM

morn :
i pergi perasmian pencegah jenayah, coz brassband i tak cukup jam crdit so, neh kira ganti lahh. went with azi, & 4 others. i slept at first, then the vice chansellor of uitm gave his speech & it was kinda funny. hehe. it woke me up & then i started reading CLEO. after that, went to HEP to sign our attendence. tp semua org yang tak pakai topi kena halau ngn cikgu. grrr. but azi & i just stayed there, coz we really2 wanted t sign our attendence. ape hangin tsunami cikgu ntah rini.
*topi i dah hilang since my 1st sem.

afternoon :
went to notty's open house in klang. i went to pick up ros & syud just after i finished brassband. stayed at notty's till 4. i met nisa there, heheh. lama tak jumpa dia.

mai's having her open house today tooo, but cant make it there. sorryy.
oh, afiq called at 3am last night. grrrr. kacau titoo tol' wants to hang out together at hakim. but hey, its 3am & i got wake up earlyyy today,.

evening :
rushed to ampang, but stopped at maluri to do some window shopping. heheh. got my eyes on a leather jacket at MNG, & IT WAS DAMN AFFORDABLE. really wanted to buy it, *seriously* but had to use the money to buy abah's birthday present. awww.

dont worry baby, i'll be back for YOU.
then went to KLCC to buy abah's present, got him ***
(*cant tell, coz i think he might be reading this, HAHA).
but pissed off coz my card cant be use. oh, got shouted twice today, coz seriously i'm a TERRIBLE driver. hahaha. now, i'm at my nanny's house, watching MTV & blogging. my aunt will come here tomorrow to send my cookies she've made for fifi & me. yeay!!

oh, got this from kenzo while searching for abah's ***. & it smells GREAT. heheh ;)

k. toodle!

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