i'm HOME !

by - 8:15 AM

helloo !

mama called at lunch, informing me that abah will be going to kelantan today so she asked me to go back home, accompanying her here since she's not feeling well, & got MC for 2 days from my neighbor so here i am, at home. HEHE ;D

last nigh
t, i slept over at ros's & dayah was there too. GOD, she, dayah talks ALOT. i mean ALOT ! haha. plus she is sooo damn funny. theres always something to talk about. we shared stories together & a lil gossiping. they slept after subuh, while i, at 2am. heheh. although i did took a cup of nescafe, i cant stop myself from ZZZzzzzz,,
then abun called & it made me awake for a
sec then i started to online. i dont even know when i did my studying. and GOD, i'm soo freaking out for this thursday's exam.

i had lunch with ros & i took
her to mont kiara to get my camera back. it cost me rm86 & of course i'm gonna claim it back OR the camera is going to be mine, PERMANENT ! HAHA :DD then mai called so when i got back to shah alam, i fetched her at baiduri & brought her home. we talk talk and talk & then we went to melati to send ros back. oh, i now know what my mom is suffering from, fibroid.
dayah is selling herba pads so i bought 1 for my mum coz it is said that herba pads can shrink the fibroid thingy.

* last month & last 2 month punya cleo pun i tak abes baca lagi, gatal beli, HEHE *

* mai, posing for g0abunyale2. haha *

* i sampai rumah, mama dah tunggu taw, hehe *
to abun, ur mother in law''

* montel yg sibuk ikot i naik atas pergi mandi, sibuk jerr *

k, mama has gone upstairs to sleep & after this, i amirah azhari will force myself to study !

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