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hello, having a wonderful day today? me, great!

i'll be going back to shah alam tomorrow, coz i will be having my brassband test at 2.30pm. & pak ngah will be coming over for lunch, but i think i wont be around anymore to meet him.

nway, abah asked me how i use listerine. tak sangka dia ley tetiba tanya so i googled it up.
some interesting info i got,,
just to share it with u all :)

The best and suggested way to use listerine is to put some water first in your mouth and then put equal amount of listerine and then gargle for few minutes and then spit it.
* i always mix the listerine with some water. cause i dont really like the strong taste of it.


use Listerine in the night before sleep along with brushing your teeth as brushing will remove the food particles and Listerine will kill the bacteria and germs.
* HAHA. i always use it in the morning after brushing my teeth plus i only gargle it for errr,, 5seconds. ;))


you should always rinse your mouth thoroughly with water as any remains of Listerine will cause tooth decay.
* YES, i will always rinse it with clean water cause i dont like the taste to stay in my mouth.


Listerine is mostly alcohol so you should avoid using it if you have cuts or mouth ulcers in mouth.
* HAHA, neh lagi xley blahh cause whenever i get mouth ulsers, i DEFINITELY will use listerine to cure it. & amazingly, it works!

k, have a good night sleep & dont forget to brush your teeth!

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