kringggggg kringgg

by - 10:57 AM

HELLO beautiful people, ;)

ptg td ada org call i, the first call i xangkat. the 2nd call, i angkat but tgh drive laa plak from ampang to shah alam. but i ttp nk ckp gak. heheh

an unknown call fron an unknow person, a girl. she called & speaks english with me.
THANKED god, i ley ckp english blik., coz biasa nya bila org speaking english with me, i trus jd GAGAP. hehehe. & english pon dh tunggang terbalik. biasa nya bila i call maxis cmtuh r. hahaha

konon nk speaking laaaa' *poyo gilaaa.

okeh2. the gurl called & suddenly gave the phone to another girl. i heard so many voices behind, like they were afraid to talk with me. HAHA. mcm kita nk call a boy, tp takot nk ckp so pass'd it to a friend, & the friend doesnt want to speak & they start to argue & i totally heard them arguing, just to speak on the phone with me. funny & sooo cute thoo. ;)

then line terputus & they called back. they wanna ask me, how they could buy my bags. & while driving i explained it to them, just bank in & i will start making their bags. & goshh, they ordered 4 bags with me. yeayy' *thinking of buy the MNG leather jacket.HAHA

k. its late (*not that late ) but usually when i sleep at 2am, i will wake up late & skip class tomorrow. & i dont want that to happen again coz i have skip many of tomorrow subject's class.

k.toodles & giid nite! sweet dreams. >.<

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