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hello! ;)

i dont know whats wrong with me lately. GOD, i have to much prob & thanks coz every prob has its solution., ;p
abun & i had our honeymoon again *lets not say where we went but we had fun thoo. jue & arep followed along, pic will be upload end of this week. abun captured our pic using his holga & it takes a week for it to process. hello subang, i coming back!
well, here's my first prob. i was really excited coz abun came all the way from melaka for our honeymoon & i was busy wanting to take pictures of him the the place & my leg accidenttaly got into a small parit & of coz i fell. gosh. * gila malu coz jue & arep was behind me & there were lots of people walking on the other side. lucky, there's this chinese girl came to help. THANKS!

when i fell, my camera dropped & the lens got stuck & broke! its act NOT my camera but my mom's. & we'r going for our family holiday next month, so i gotta repair it fast! called along yesterday to borrow some of her money but she hasnt got her salary yet. hmmm,,,
i did ask the price of repairing the camera & the shop in the gardens told me it cost bout RM500+,, OMG?!!! r u serious?? its like buying another camera dude! also ask another camera shop in mid valley & he, too said bout rm500+.

so, today i called the olympus centre in mont kiara, & they told me that it only cost below rm300. & with a warranty card, they'll cut rm90 off. so, i'm thinking of going to mont kiara next week, who's coming? heheh

last night, my car batery dried out & lucky abun & arep didnt leave shah alam yet. so, they helped. so so sorry for that & i promise that i'll take more care bout my car. hmm,,

& & & today, i woke up late & i had my maf330 test 2. i did manage to get to class by 8.45am & i only did 4 MCQ questions, ONLY! i didnt send in my answer paper & really hoping that i can take the test again.
told mai bout it, coz she was sitting beside me.

hmm,,, i hope luck will come to me alfter this. amin! :)

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