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i watched cloudy with the chance of meatballs today, with him. i really enjoyed the movie! it was gr8. i'm giving 4stars for that, heheh.
tick tok tick tok, till 2012 comes..really cant wait!
i'm act waiting for my mr. to email me the pics of our honeyymoon. but i bet he's already asleep coz he hasnt text me anything for the last 1 hour. bangun sayang, plzz wake up. i wanna upload the pics here. the pics act didnt come out what we act had hope but heyy, he's new. & i bet he'll do better next time. :)
i think i'm back to my bad habits. having caffein every morn & anytime, whenever i'm thirsty. its no good for ya to drink it everymorning u know. i hope i'm not addicted to it, like when i was in school. really had to have it EVERYDAY & EVERYTIME, or not, i'll have a headache & i hate that.
ptg td, i hung out with abun at starbucks & there was this guy came to us, asking for donation for charity. usually, i dont give donation to people who comes to me, like blind people or kids coz i prefer to donate clothes or food to the an organization or to my neighbour, & then she'll give it to the flood victims or soo. but this guy told us that the donations goes to downsindrom kids or anyone that needs help. so, i donate some money & ask if the donation is related to any religion thingy or what, just curious to know. then he said that its under this LIONS apa benda ntah. i thinks its under a christian charity kot. *but i was wrong.
so, when i got home i told my mum bout it & she said that i dont have to worry coz the donation act goes to the needy ones & the downsindrom kids. my mum is act teaching downsindrom kids, so she know which organization that gives help to the kids.
k, next time u'r be giving donations, do think if what u'r donating will be 100% going to the one that really needs it. if u really wanna donate to kids that comes up to u, i think its better to give foods to them. but fikir2, klu lah the kids are under any sindicates, cian laa plak if at the end of the day, they dont get any money from begging, then they will get beatin up.
k, toodles & good nite! ;))

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