movie marathon

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my final exam will be starting this thursday. i hope u all will wish me best of luck yaw! ;)
i'm soo damn scared of this thursday's subject, FAR. i think its the toughest subject ever, for me.
my sis got a break from her work this week starting this thursday, and i'm thinking of bringing her to watch movie after my exam. its because she will be taking a bus from temerloh to shah alam, then we'r both will be leaving back to banting after that.

oh, i watched 2 movies today, which i am suppose to be studying. HEHE. here's my review,,

first, hot for teacher.
its a Korean movie. DAMN FUNNY!! hahaha. 4stars for it,, ada lucah2 skit but its oky, HAHA i'm already 20yrs old.

second, penny dreadful,,
i'm giving 2 stars only coz it has no ending. I HATE MOVIES THAT HAS NO ENDINGS !
but but but,, the early part really scares me out. suspense gilaa doh,, smpai i tak buka mata ;p

i kt CC skg neh,, macam2 bau ada kt cni, coz there's too many school boys playing games & pasang lagu ntah ape2 kwat2. dulu i pergi CC kt sblah sna, but the other one was too dark. grr, lots of boys too. takot lah i,,
i'm still on my challenge of not buying a new broadband. i think i dont really need it plus i really have to focus on my final exams! :D

k, i will be going to melati, will be sleeping over at ros's room & going to meet nad & norly jp.
toodles,, & good night!!

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