next, SCALLING for me,,

by - 10:28 AM

hell-ohh! ;D

just wanna blog bout what happend for the past few days,,

last Thursday, i went to meet nad & norly at pusat kesihatan uitm to get my purse back. i didn't know that i have left it behind & luckily they took it. so, i was driving back home without my driving licence. LOL
at PK, i suddenly remember that i had to tampal my tooth so there i was, waiting in line for 2 hours to get my tooth tampal-ed. but the dentist accidentally tampal-ed it with too much cement so i had to go back to PK to get it drilled out. u know, i had my makan-makan bersama classmate at ani sup utara & i, of coz REALLY REALLY love sup daging had to eat it without cheawing coz i CANT chew with my tooth terlebih tampal-ed.

that evening, i went out with ifa to buy myself brownies walnut from secret recipe. it was ifa's idea of going there coz she wanted to buy din & amir cakes for helping her at gunung nuang. i drove to din's house so that ifa could give it to him,,,,,

AND ended up watching surrogates together with din! HAHA

grrr8 movie but i'm only giving it 3 stars ,, hahah.
so, the next day, i went to PK again with mai, coz something was wrong with her eyes.

as for today, something happened. my mum cried! i just knew that she was suffering from a disease. i dont really know the exact thing she's suffering from but it's a disease that women mostly get when their age reached 40.
YA ALLAH, ko jauhi lah ibu dan bapa ku dari segalapenyakit yang datang. AMIN.

she has an appointment with the putrajaya hosp next month & i hope everythings gonna be okehh :D

k, going to study! wish me luck for my FAR exam this thursday,,

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