papa ku DOM!

by - 2:02 AM


i went to watch PAPADOM today with nad & norly. :)
goood movie but not a great one. i'm not one of those afdlin shauki film fans, so the movie to me was good. but i'm proud that the movie has its quality in it. not like the other director who likes QUANTITY not QUALITY. i think YOU know who,,...
i enjoyed it, especially the last part where liyana jasmay tickled que haidar's left nipple.HAHA
noo lah, i je yang fikir blue, ckit. & the others TOOO!,,

i'm waiting for cloudy with the chance of meatballs & 2012 to come out. cant wait! yeayyy..

oh, i skipped class today, so theres no class for me, the whole day! i woke up at 9.15am & water supply at home was cut'd!!! so i cant shower & worst, cant brush me teeth,,, grrrrr....
so, i went to melati, ros's room to take my bath there. stopped by at fac of mass com to get the keys.

k, toodles! ;))

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