pisssssss pissss pisssssed me OFF

by - 5:19 AM

ITS SOO ANNOYING when it take hours for me to watch anything on youtube. arghh' dont u get it? i really need to watch those funny videos of people singing crap! & celcom has sent warning messages to me for my 3G limit & that TOO really pissed me off.

okeh, i will be having my FAR quiz tomorrow & audit test 2 too. not forgetting, test 2 for my MAF that i didnt do last monday & i will be having it on monday next week. MONDAY? the day that all my other classmates will be sleeping in bed & i, will have to do my test. i could have stayed at home on that monday day if i studied earlier. pity me,,

oh, a friend told me that she parked her car at seroja last week & couldnt get her car out coz there were 2 other cars blocking. well, for the 2nd car, it didnt pull its handbreak so, my friend could move it a lil but the 3rd car didnt pull its handbreak so my friend stayed there for half an hour to wait for the owner of the car to arrive. the car's window was open a bit, & my friend was act thinking of getting her hands inside to lease the break. but there was this man, watching her from behind told her to open the door. she was blur for a minute but realize that the car was act not locked & the keys are inside. what kinda of stupid person would leave their car with the keys inside????


eventhough a small, 2nd hand car & not valuable to him/her but still can be use, will still be very very valuable to others. okeh, kalau lah u mmg dh lambat gila nk mati nk pergi class plus ada test yang paling penting di dunia, dont u think its better to lock your car &
rather than leaving it by giving way for a pencuri kereta to steal your precious car? i bet u'll be walking back home laa dear.

k. off now. gotta study now. & toodles! ;))
pssst, i kena ngorat ngan anak tauke restoran kt seksyn 7 td.HAHA,,abun sila jeles.

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