smile :)

by - 10:38 AM

hello! ;)

i'm feeling better now. ptg td i had dinner with ros & bumped in with nad & nor. haha. dah agk dah yg dorg msti makan kt cna.

i think time is ticking faster then i thought. ros has change alot. she's wearing stockings now & covering up her aurat. ;)
thats gr8 right? she thinks that 'the end of the world' or u can say, kiamat is near now.
i kept thinking of what she's saying & its true dohh. the signs?,,, i think u know. :)
YA ALLAH,buka kan lah pintu hati ku. AMIN~

this friday, there will be my audit test. i dont want what happened today will happen this friday. so, i already start to study now. i thought of going to starbucks to study but on second thought, i'm broke.

oh, watched the perfect getaway. not a great movie but the ending was good,,

note :
dear ain,
there are others who really appreciates u &
loves u more than HIM. trust me & hope u'll start a new life,
a better life with the ones u love. we will always be with u, no matter what happen.
LOV YAAAA! ;) -mierae

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