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by - 1:31 AM

huhu. i went to subang again today. but i went the other away around, & got stuck in a traffic jam near sunway. bongok tol. i really love to explore by myself, trying new ways to get to a destination. last monday, i went to the summit through KESAS highway & blew me almost rm10 for the toll charge. arghhh'

a lil disapointed coz the film didnt really work out. huhu. its ok, try again ye sayanggg!

i had mcD for lunch just now. got myself a blue coca cola glass for buying the large meal set. nyumm nyumm, spicy chicken mcdeluxe. i act dont like eating fast food. if i do buy, i will always order the regular set coz i know i wont be able to finish it. oh, got sundae for dessert, if u buy the got-free-coke-glass meal set, but i dont eat sundae tooo. HAHA.
i act wanted the coca cola glass , coz nad & norly had their's already. (*gila dengki! HAHA)
xaci laa if they have one, & i dont.

oh, just wanna share with u that i went to the new A&W 2 days ago, & the service was terrible. mybe its still new. huhu. took me about 30min to get my meals.

i didnt go to FAR class today (cough *overslept cough) but did go to audit class. i sat alone in front coz nad & norly skipped the class today. waaaa' but dont worry girls, i wrote down all the explaination that the lec gave just now for u. heheheh.

k. toodles now.
have a nice day!

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