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by - 9:57 AM

hello! ;)

i'm trying to get myself to sleep, but unfortunately, i cant. i just cant wait for tomorrow.
what tomorrow? yes, the 'it' trip! HAHA

i even bought myself a vintage floral dress from an online shop, coz i had to have something nice to wear by tomorrow!! ;p

this morn, my class had our FAR test & it was kinda tough dohh'. but lucky that i managed to finish doing the 2 questions. i really2 wanna score this subjct coz i failed for the 1st test & i dont want that to happen again. oh, did i told u that madam norhasimah took my paper, coz i got the lowest gred in class? grrr,,

i've pack all the things for tomorrow. i'll be going after my brassband
*cant skip this time, or else i'll fail. ishk'.

i called dayah just now, to get me the koko activity coupon for tomorrow, so that i have something to fill up my credit hours. heheh
eventhough it has nothing related to brassband but hey? tipu ckit2 pon jadi lahh rite? ;))

k, toodles!

*did i mention that i hate seeing students wearing leggings + baby tee to class. GOSH! do u really think that it looks nice on u. wrong! go wear it to pasar malam or somewhere else, coz its not suitable for u to wear it to CLASSSSSS!!!
* i mean real class, not the night class or the after class
hope u know what i mean. ishk

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