are you lesbi - gay ?

by - 8:37 AM


after my MAF 330 exam today, i went out with din, ifa, dian & aten to bukit raja to watch jennifer's body. bila dah beli ticket, thats when i called my boy & he said that the movie sucks !

& thats TRUE ! haha,,,,

act, i tak tau laa motive cite jennifer's body neh sebenar nya, in the beginning r. & it was soo boring. sorry, just being honest here dear. :)

then, dh masuk pertengahan cerita baru lah i faham cikit2,, but i ingt kan i sorg je yang lampy terlebih, HAHA. bila dah kuar panggung, ifa pun cakap that it was kinda boring,,

so, here i'm giving only 2 stars. sorry megan fox,.. ;P
ohh, jennifer's body is from the creator of JUNO. i'm more interested in JUNO than this, erk..

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