by - 11:05 PM

after the exam, mai & i headed to kerinchi to get my wondershoe. its been 2 months i ordered it & it is finally in my hands.HAHA.
i kinda had a 'fight' with the girl, the third party who bought this wondershoe for me. well, we both apologize then, so no worries. i'm not a type of girl who has this big ego sign on my forehead & doesnt want to appologize for what i've done. then, we both smiled & i headed back to my car.
i was suppose to get ros at klang but because of the 'fight', it was only mai that accompanied me. then we both had lunch at re_done in seksyen 7.

i'm thinking of wearing it tomorrow !, yeay.

oh, i'm currently at baiduri, mai's house & i'm going to melati to get ros coz she's sleeping over at my house tonight. tomorrow we will be going to sunway together,, hope to have lots of fun !!

oh, if abun is reading this,, this is for you. 'I MISS YOU la sexy !'

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