bitter<3,, ohh,, bitter<3

by - 1:05 AM

mood:, astro.lazziiiinesss
nway, something's wrong with my boy's hp so i couldnt really contact him in case i suddenly miss 'em, hihi. okeh, i do miss him REALLY BADLY.

i'm at home right now, alone. parents made sup tulang today & of coz its my favoorite ! i ate lunch at 10am, coz the soup kept calling me..
yaya makan makan makan makan,,
scary? ambik ko, dah masuk dalam perut aku !
oh, parents had gone to kajang to send fifi then to temerloh to send along. dont really know when shes going to get her next hooolidayyy,,,

i'm going back to shah alam tomorrow morning, hopefully i can wake up early. :D

k, wish me for my next exam this tuesday !
plzz ohh plzzz let this coming paper be a bit more easy-er,, *toodles?

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