BYE BYE malaysia !

by - 10:18 AM

*senyum paksa ngn fifi*


*fifi gedik*

ahad lepas, my cousin buat marhaban kt rumah dorg in bangi. along pula balik cuti raya haji, & the whole family pergi temerloh hantar dia balik daa. she's now working at the new temerloh hosp *cant really rmmber the hosp's name :D
god, seronok gila bila along cuti coz thats when abah spent everything for us all. hehe. not that abah tak spent pape while along tak de, tapi bila semua dah berkumpul, terasa besh nya. nway, i got what i wanted from abah. yang i berkias2 tuh. HAHAHA.
see, told ya that all dad will do anything for their children.

esok i akan pergi indon. went there last year but that was in bandung. tomorrow will be Yogyakarta . i think i wont spend too much for shopping there, even though i have made some money from the bags that i manage to sell from my business. just thinking of saving for buying things for my new semester. hehe.
i'll be there till friday. hotel pon tak book lagi. family i jenis yang suka main redah jer. dulu masa i pergi Russia pon macam tuh jgak. main ikut ske hati je nak jalan & tido mana2. kalau sesat pon, sesat lah. HAHA.

papepon, for sure i cant wait till this 17th of Dec! *mish u girls alot* make sure everyone of u come taw !

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