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HELLOOO readers ! ;)

GOD, i'm soo damn busy right now but i still manage to blog at the moment.hehe. okeh, its gonna be very quick.

# 1
on wednesday,, the whole family went to sunway piramid to watch a christmas carol. but hey, it was too late & i suggest abah to watch at USJ Summit. since i've never been there before (*& the family) so, y dont we just go there instead.n lagi dekat from banting than sunway. HAHA. tak laa dekat mner pon, but dah ikot highway KESAS. but then, mmg dah taw tak kan sempat tgk christmas carol petang tuh, we all headed straight to sunway. spent 4 hours there, then along called to fetch her in shah alam.

# 2
on thursday, the whole family went to mid valley to watch A CHRISTMAS CAROL in 3D *finally. heheh. not much people watching it but damn, the place was full, sbb twilight new moon punya 1st day keluar. christmas carol? huh. the movie was BOO-RING!! even along fell asleep while watching it. yang lain, menguap tak henti2. for me, it was nice. i'll give 3stars. :D

that night, we went to watch 2012 ( *yeahh, dapat gak tgk! ) in ampang. the movie was good. but nampak tak real & tak logic sngt laa. huhu. i'm giving 4 stars. heheh,, coz tak boring, & i like it. :)

# 3
we went to jusco bukit tinggi, klang today. along went shopping but me? nahhh. i only bought cleo & a slice of choc indulgence. coz i was soo hungry! by 6pm, we rush back home coz mama cant wait to watch the last episode of nur kasih! heheh,, **hmm, tak sempat nak tgk twilight new moon. okeh, i'm not a die hard fan of nur kasih, so i was busy making bags. ;)
the ending was er,,, ntah apa2 ntah. all of us complained! well, whatever. dah abes dah pon.

k, i'm stopping from taking bag orders starting now coz im going to indonesia, this tuesday. well, have a gr8 night to all, & toodles ! :D

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