just a normal ordinary day

by - 6:44 AM


nothing much happened today. i think i'm kinda sick of blogging these days. when i opened my blog, bunch of my friends rarely update their blogs. i kinda miss 'em. i want to know their updates. teheee. all i get is those fashion blog updates & tumblr. & bila ada org update their tumblr, msti panjang jer bahagian updates tuh. buka2, penuh ngn pic2 models. *sigh*
nothing interesting.

& lately, i rajin lah pula twitter-ing myself. HAHA. do follow,, http://twitter.com/mirrawr
myb sekarang je laa i rajin update, & then in the future, haram tak menjenguk dah.

nway, i havent watch 2012 yet. mama wants to wait for along so that we could watch together, whole family. yeay, cant wait. oh, not that i cant wait to watch 2012, i cant wait to have our own time watching movies with the family. :D

my main activity now is making bags. a guy ordered 18 bags from me yesterday & he already deposit the money to my bank account. yahooo!
**oh no, i cant be that happy coz i cant use the money to go shopping. arghhh' nway, wish me luck that i could finish making it before this tuesday, coz we'r going to meet up in kl kot.

k, have a nice day u all, toodles!

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