people keep on lying to my face,,

by - 9:28 PM

i kena tipu lagi

ada customer order 2 bags 2 months ago from me.
slalu nya i accept payments first
coz i dah agak dh, order jer but tak kan bayar
dah banyk i dapat mcm tuh
so, last thursday girl tuh antar msg kt i kata dh bank in duit
so, i pon pergi lah cc to check samada duit dh masuk ke belum
but cc tuh tak dapat bukak bank islam laa pula.
so, i assume dia dh masuk kan duit
rm 42,.. its suppose to be rm 45, but setakat kurang rm3 i pon halal kan je laaa
then i pon buat lah the 2 bags yang dia order,
& i baru je post it * i kt dalam uitm skg, pos office kt sini kosong, HEHEH
then, i pergi PTAR nk check duit
& mmg xde pon duit yang dia bank in kan tuh


yang paling i geram, i kenal girl tuh
she's my ex schoolmate in jitra, using another name but hey, i kenal muka dia
& i trusted her coz i kenal dia !

so, i text her to tell her bout it.
rm 42 is not a small amount. it means to me, lg2 dh nak abes sem & kering dh neh
jahat nyaa manusia,,

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