right at the borderline, thats where i'm gonna wait for YOU,,

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* alam maya saya by azureen ! *

my ex ttj classmate won 2nd place from PROJECT ALPHA, nuffnang and got lots of COOL COOL COOL prizes dohh, *dengki i* HAHAHA

she's just like my lil sis, always lucky when entering a contest. ada je benda yang akan menang. cam adik i, dia pernah menang mcm2 gak,, selalu nya dia suka masuk contest kt bintang kecil magazine tuh, hihi. pernah sekali juga dia menang spa treatment for RM200 kt klang. gilaa ahh''

lucky for my friend here, ween to win 2nd prize so look what she got,,
- Adidas A3/ Rimmel London/ Montagne Jeuneese Pack worth RM300
- 10 tickets to Pyramid Ice worth RM200
- 5 tickets to all Sunway Theme Parks for a day worth RM450
- Sony Centre/ Honeymoon vouchers valued at RM50
- Complimentary Pass to MOS for 2 worth RM100

perghhh,, i told my dad bout it, & he was like, betul ke dia dapat ? HAHA
this saturday, i'm going to meet up with her at sunway & i cant wait for it ! oh, i'll be bringing ros along too :D

now, i cant really wait to see her cause i havent seen her in yearss since we both finished school. i pula, slalu laa turun melaka coz my boy is now studying there but biasanya i pergi melaka ptg2, then nk balik tuh dh mmg tgh malam, mmg susah laa nk meet up with my friends there tgh malam2 buta.

here's a picture of us during those days, HAHA. mata masing2 nk stim je,,

* ween, ros, me , yati *
ohh, ros mmg slalu jumpa cause she's in uitm shah alam too, HAHA

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